Teaching Chinese in America

I am Li Xiaochen, a Chinese teacher from Confucius Institute of SCSU. And now I am teaching K-2 Chinese at Mississippi Heights Elementary School.

我叫李笑琛,是来自圣克劳德州立大学孔子学院的中文老师,目前在Mississippi Heights Elementary School教授幼儿园至小学二年级阶段的中文课。

To teach  Chinese language and Chinese culture to people from different backgrounds is one of my life goals, because  I truly believe Chinese culture intelligently shadows enlightenment over people worldwide and advantages could be taken by both sides, the learner and the teacher.


Pupils are believed to be the most talented learners of language for their openness to all things new. It has been proved that they are eager to learn Chinese and are the greatest participants in class activities. They would like to try Chinese way of greeting and question a lot about Chinese things when any picture about China is displayed on active board. In addition, some parents are glad that their kids could learn something different from their native culture, which prepares the kids for cultural diversity and global awareness.


Challenges go with teaching, and to keep kids all focused in class is absolutely the biggest one. A variety of teaching methods towards elementary school should be taken into consideration. Some games, pictures, videos and apps are productive in class activity and management, which are the best part I have learned in the first couple of weeks.







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