Chinese is cool!

A 4-grade girl named Briana went to my room one day after school. She knocked at my door and asked for whether she could come in. After a yes from me, she came in and looked around, showing high interet in all the Chinese stuff in the room.

“Chinese is cool. I learned Chinese last year, and I think it is very cool. I like it and I will go to China. Pretty sure!” The 4-grade girl kept saying “cool” for every thing I showed her, the brush pen, the ink stone, and the book introduing traditional Chinese art.

Her visit is all beyond my expectation because the town I am staying now is kind of conversative that China is more or less mystical to most of the residents. What they know about China are maily Pandas and The Great Wall. “Chinese is cool ” from the young lady is actually what I expect all my studnets here could someday agree to.



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